The Hottest & Best Wings in Jeff City

February 28, 2022

When it comes to the perfect order of wings, some like it hot and some like to tangle with the devil. But, if you’re into mild, we’ve got plenty of tasty wings for you too. We’ve filled our beer glasses to the rim and sampled all the wings on our menu to prove we have the hottest and best wings in Jefferson City! Check out our list below!

For those that like it hot...

Big Whiskey's Wing Scale

#1 Carolina Reaper

We do things big. It’s just kinda who we are. So, when we decided to go spicy, we didn’t play around. We chose the Guinness World-Record-holding Carolina Reaper to make our spiciest wing sauce. This one is so hot it comes with a disclaimer, you’ve been warned.

#2 Hot Buffalo

Enjoy the traditional flavor of our famous Buffalo wings with a little extra kick. Our hot Buffalo sauce is perfect for those wanting wanting to kick it up a notch. It’s spicy, but it’s not a tale you’ll tell your grandchildren like the Carolina Reaper.

#3 Honey Sriracha

Sriracha is good on everything, so it made total sense to us to coat our classic wings in it to provide a sharp flavor to go along with the balanced sweetness of a honey glaze.

Big Whiskey's Wings

For those that do not...

#4 Garlic Parmesan

If you love wings, but want to avoid the spice, we have the perfect option for you! Order your wings tossed in our signature Garlic Parmesan sauce for the ultimate crossover dish!

#5 Asian Mustard

These wings are as exotic and delicious as they sound. East meets West with this zesty sauce that will have you reconsidering everything you know about wings.

#6 Caribbean Jerk

Visit the Caribbean without ever leaving your city with this delicious blend of exotic herbs and spices that bring sweet island favor directly to your table. Ya mon!