Big Whiskey's Bentonville Celebrates World Down Syndrome Day

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March 15, 2018

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March 15, 2018, Bentonville AR — After wrapping up a celebration of Big Whiskey’s first anniversary in Bentonville on March 10th, the company is once again celebrating; this time recognizing World Down Syndrome Day with a week-long fundraiser for Down Syndrome Connection of NWA (DSCNWA).

World Down Syndrome day is celebrated every year on March 21st because of the numbers in the date “3/21,” which represent the three copies of the 21st chromosome present in people with Down Syndrome. The goal of the day is not just to raise awareness about the presence of Down Syndrome in our world, but also about how people with Down Syndrome can and do make meaningful contributions to society throughout their lives.

As an employer of a person with Down Syndrome, Big Whiskey’s has a special passion for helping people understand how valuable these individuals are. “People with Down syndrome are really limited only by society’s expectations of them and the lack of opportunities afforded to them because of negative stereotypes,” says Shane Miller, owner of the Big Whiskey’s location in Bentonville. “They can do anything if they are given the right opportunity and training.”

The Down Syndrome Connection of NWA has a mission to facilitate inclusion and respect while ensuring access to support and resources for people with Down syndrome and their families. “Opportunities and events like the one Big Whiskey’s is hosting for World Down Syndrome Day are a benefit to our organization in many ways,” said DSCNWA board member Lincoln Keck. “One of the most exciting aspects is to see how the programs and connections facilitated by DSCNWA in our community can be instrumental in creating opportunities for growth, development, and future employment for people with Down syndrome. Big Whiskey’s is a great partner in bringing that to life.”

From March 14th through March 21st, Big Whiskey’s employees will ask customers to round their bills up to the next whole dollar and give their change to DSCNWA. Then on March 21st, Big Whiskey’s will donate 10% of all sales from 5-10pm directly to the organization. All are encouraged to come out sometime during the week to show their support for this very worthy cause!

Whiskey Holdings, LLC, DBA Big Whiskey’s American Restaurant & Bar is the first franchisee of Springfield, MO based Big Whiskey’s and is locally owned and operated by Bentonville residents Shane and Candice Miller.

Down Syndrome Connection of NWA Is a local organization whose mission is to facilitate inclusion and respect for individuals with Down syndrome within the Northwest Arkansas Community, ensuring that they have access to the support and the resources necessary to reach their full potential at all stages of life.