10 Future Cardinals Stars to Watch in Springfield this Year

March 14, 2022

When you’re a Cardinals fan, every new season is like Deja vu all over again. The farm system is always loaded with young ball players who are knocking at the door of Busch Stadium. In Springfield, we get a chance to see the stars of the future right in our backyard and this year Hammons Field figures to see some players with truckloads of potential. If you can’t make it to the field, come by Big Whiskey’s and we’ll flip on the junior Birds for ya! But first, let’s take a look at 10 future St. Louis Cardinals stars that may come through Springfield this season.

Jordan Walker

  • Position: Corner Infield
  • Current Level: A+

We’ve got boots older than Jordan Walker. At just 20-years old, he’s the next phenom in the Cardinals organization. He is consistently ranked in the top 20 prospects in the game and it’s pretty easy to see why. At 6’5, 220 pounds, Walker can rake, regularly smashing 450-foot homers in A ball. in the field, he’s much more agile than you’d expect from his size. And he’s got an absolute cannon from the hot corner. He’s not in Springfield now, but if he continues to progress we could see him this year. Unless he skips AA all together and ends up in Memphis.

Masyn Winn

  • Position: SS/P
  • Current Level: A

Masyn Winn is as versatile as Vick’s Vapor Rub. You can put him anywhere on the field and you’re gonna feel better. His strongest positions are at shortstop and pitcher thanks to quick twitch, kick returner agility and a 98-MPH heater. He’s a top flight two-way prospect. Who knows where he’ll end up in the majors, but it’ll be fun watching it play out. Winn and Walker are buddies who regularly goof on each other between pitches with Winn making fun of Walker’s big head. It’ll be fun to see them play together.

Malcolm Nunez

  • Position: Corner Infield
  • Current Level: AA

The Hammons faithful got a good look at Nunez in 2021. He’s beginning to tap into his power potential, bopping 9 homers last year. He also stole 7 bags, showing off some wheels for a bigger fella. He’s been playing third, but many folks believe he’ll end up at first when all is said and done.

Delvin Perez

  • Position: SS
  • Current Level: AA

The swag. Perez is easy to spot on the field because he looks like he owns it. This dude does not want for confidence. The dreads. The chains. The high socks. Peerez is fun to watch even when he doesn’t hit. He’s also the team’s best source of speed, nabbing 24 bases last year.

Michael McGreevy

  • Position: SP
  • Current Level: Rookie

It’s a little ambitious to put McGreevy in Springfield this year since he was just drafted in 2021, but his polish and control were two of the main reasons the Birds took him in the first round. He was one of college baseball’s most consistent strike throwers at UC Santa Barbara and what’s more impressive is that he doesn’t throw that weak mid-80s stuff you’d expect a 22-year-old to throw for strikes. He brings a 96-mph heater that sinks faster than Leo at the end of Titanic.

Edwin Nunez

  • Position: P
  • Current Level:

Think Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughan but with a better haircut. Edwin Nunez is a big kid from the Dominican Republic with a fastball that brings Carolina Reaper-like heat. In his first season, he had some expected control issues with his pitches, but if he can bring them in from “a bit outside,” he’s going to climb fast.

Ian Bedell

  • Position: P
  • Current Level: A+

Bedell’s 2020 campaign as a starter with Mizzou was so sick that some people actually blame him for starting the coronavirus. Ok, not really, but he was incredible for the Tigers and it lead to the Cards picking him in the fourth round. He’s got a five pitch arsenal already and can move the ball up, down, left, and right with a strong delivery and great command.

Josh Baez

  • Position: OF
  • Current Level: Rookie

If you love seeing guys bash dingers that look like they’ll stop traffic on Chestnut, Baez is one to keep an eye on. At 18, he’s already 6’4 and 230 pounds with one of those swings the scouts say sound different. He could be breaking windows at OTC before too long.

Jhon Torres

  • Position: RF
  • Current Level: A+

Another big bat! Jhon Torres is about the same size as Baez, but he’s a few years older. His arrival in Springfield will most likely happen first if he can work out a few kinks in his game. He’s got the tools: an absolute hose for a right arm, decent wheels, and good fielding instincts in right.

Tink Hence

  • Position: P
  • Current Level: Rookie

Already the holder of the most memorable nickname in the organization, Markevian “Tink” Hence is looking to make an equally memorable 2022 showing. He’s a small-ish 6’1, 175-pound, but his heater goes up to 96 and he’s got a very bendy slurve to pair with it. The organization also likes his control at a young age. It might be a long shot to see him in Double A this year, but if he makes it, watch out.

When you’re ready to catch a game outside of Hammons, swing by Big Whiskey’s and grab some good mood food and a frosty drink to watch the future stars of the St. Louis Cardinals the way baseball was meant to be watched!