Big Whiskey’s Releases New Buffalo Summer Menu

June 23, 2023

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Big Whiskey's is excited to announce its new summer menu. The new Buffalo Summer menu focuses on bold buffalo flavors across the board. Whether in dry rub seasonings, special sauces, or all-new menu items, the tangy buffalo flavor can be found in a variety of menu items this summer!

Buffalo has been one of Big Whiskey’s most popular flavors since their start in 2006. They are known for their classic Buffalo Chicken Dip. This summer, they are leaning into the flavor that sells best - say hello to Buffalo Summer!

“We’re so excited to launch our new Buffalo Summer menu!” says Big Whiskey’s owner and Co-CEO, Paul Sundy. “Buffalo has been a key flavor in our menu and the new combinations on this limited-time menu are going to wow guests!”

Loaded Buffalo French Fries
Loaded Buffalo French Fries

For guests who want to tease their taste buds right away, Big Whiskey’s has appetizers that are sure to kick your meal up a notch. Starting with a fan favorite, our Buffalo Chicken Wontons are back! These crispy wontons are filled with pockets of our famous Buffalo Chicken Dip and finished with delicious Gorgonzola cheese crumbles and our homemade ranch dressing. For our guests who are looking to expand their food horizons this summer, the Loaded Buffalo French Fries are the way to go. These signature fries are tossed in a tantalizing dry rub Buffalo seasoning, drizzled with our tangy Buffalo sauce and topped with all the loaded-fry fixin’s. Lastly for appetizers is another returning favorite - the Buffalo Quesadilla. No matter your choice in appetizer, these buffalo-inspired starters are sure to satisfy everyone at the table.

Buffalo Chicken Sliders
Buffalo Chicken Sliders

The Buffalo Summer entrees each pack a punch of flavor that will have your mouth watering for more. First up are the Buffalo Chicken Sliders, a new take on a crispy chicken sandwich with the heat of a hot summer day. Next up is a zesty Buffalo Chicken Caesar Wrap that can be leveled up with an optional Spicy Garlic sauce. On the lighter side is our Skinny Buffalo Chicken, which is served on a bed of rice pilaf with fresh steamed vegetables. Finally, for our buffalo wing fanatics, we’ve created the ultimate summer snack: Jumbo Buffalo Dry Rub Wings. These award-winning pickle-brined jumbo wings are coated in our new Buffalo Dry Rub and served with your choice of creamy ranch or tangy bleu cheese dressing.

Buffalo Summer Cocktails
Watermelon Patch, Limoncello Sangria, Blueberry Bourbon Smash, Summer Sangria

After a long day and hot summer night, our guests can relax and refresh themselves with our new summer drink menu. For our Sangria fans, we have two twists on a summer favorite. Our new Limoncello Sangria is made with velvety whipped vodka, limoncello liqueur, crisp Sauvignon Blanc, and classic lemonade, while our Summer Sangria combines a mouthwatering blend of robust Pinot Noir and fresh fruit juices. On the sweeter side is our new frozen Watermelon Patch, which is served with a sugar rim and a summery watermelon candy. Last up is our personal favorite, created for our loyal whiskey lovers. The Blueberry Bourbon Smash is a refreshing twist on a classic bourbon-based cocktail made with natural blueberry preserves, fresh mint, simple syrup, and the caramel and nutty flavors of Old Forester 1920.

At Big Whiskey's, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality food and drinks. These limited-time offers are only available for the summer season, so come indulge in Buffalo Summer today!

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