Big Whiskeys Nominated in 13 ‘Best Restaurant’ Categories

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January 23, 2017

Co bbq burger onion rings

Big Whiskey’s wins 417 Magazine’s ‘Best Of’ for Great Bar Food!

(SPRINGFIELD, MO). Big Whiskey’s American Restaurant & Bar® wins the 417 Magazine’s Choice awards for Best Branson Restaurant! (We LOVE you, Branson!) But BW also won the one and only ‘customer write-in win’ for Best Bar Food!

Big Whiskey’s district manager Brad Farrar is real proud of this, because no sacrifices are made to distinguish between food served at the restaurant or at the bar. “Our bar food and restaurant food are from the same menu. It doesn’t matter where you sit or how late you come in, our customers know they’ll get the same great food they always do, every time.”

In addition to its winnings, BWs was nominated for more of the “best” categories than any other Springfield restaurant, including: Best Springfield Restaurant, Best Branson Restaurant, Best Place for Lunch, Best Burgers, Best Salads, Best Fish Tacos, Best Fries, Best Nachos, Best Chicken Wings, Best Appetizer, Best Happy Hour, Best Restaurant or Bar Patio, and Best Restaurant Service.

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