5 MSU Football Players Who Have Dominated This Year


October 26, 2021

In case you've been living under a rock for the past year, the Missouri State Bears are really freaking good at football now. Since hiring dynamo coach Bobby Petrino, the Bears have catapulted to the top of the MVC, finishing second in the regular season with a 5-1 conference record last year and winning the MVC for the first time in...a while. For reference, you could still smoke on an airplane the last time they made the playoffs.

Coach Petrino made people forget about butts on planes and put butts into the seats at Plaster Stadium and 2022 looks like it's gonna be a solid encore to his first season in Springfield. Here are 5 Must-See Players on Pertino's Bears for this season.

Tobias Little - Running Back

After a slow start facing Big12 giant Oklahoma State, Little started putting together some solid games. It all came together against conference rival Illinois state. Little had a BIG game with 90 yards on the ground and three rushing touchdowns. Here's an example of why Little is someone to watch. Take a note from our Chicken Queso wrapper and wrap up on him! He'll slip right through the defense if not.

Montrae Braswell - Defensive Back

Affectionately known as Big Play Montrae, Braswell has been making splash plays all year for the Bears in the defensive backfield. He's the Bears' best ballhawk, capitalizing on every mistake throw that comes his way. He's got 6 picks in just 11 collegiate games, one of which he took back 46 yards for a touchdown and he's got a 96-yard kick return score too. This dude is a bad man.

Jason Shelley - Quarterback

Nobody was sure who would start at the most important position for the Bears, but everyone knew Coach Petrino would find a baller to fill the role. Jason Shelley has been incredible for the Bears this year. He's like the Springfield version of Lamar Jackson with his dual-threat abilities. Just look at this sick juke in the open field. We have some ice for those ankles South Dakota!

Titus Wall - Linebacker

The aptly named Wall has been cutting opponents' yards like a souped-up John Deere this season. He leads the Bears in tackles and has a sack to his name this year too. Plus, when you make plays like this one, people start to notice.

Kevin Latulas - Running Back

Latulas is like the Bears Swiss Army Knife. He officially plays running back, but he regularly drifts out to the hashes as a receiver. He's got 300+ all-purpose yards in the first four games and he's just getting started. Check out this long TD catch where Latulas introduces a defender's face to the ground. Nasty!

If you're as pumped as we are about the rest of the season, come on by your local Big Whiskey's and watch the Bears dominate the MVC again this year. We've got cold drinks and plenty of football food on hand. Wake the Bears!

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