10 Appetizers in Tulsa that are Just as Good as the Entrees

February 28, 2022

The best restaurants in Tulsa are places to eat that provide a variety of amazing flavors and killer time. Getting the party started is the first step in a memorable meal and boy do we have some doozies on our menu! They’re a great way to get everyone pumped for their entrees and plenty of folks love them enough to just order them as entrees themselves! Check out our list of 10 appetizers in Tulsa that are just as good as the entrées!

#1 Boom Boom Shrimp

If there’s one thing we can’t stand it’s boring food. That’s why we invented an appetizer that will stick in your mind more than the Baby Shark song. Our crisp, crunchy shrimp get battered to perfection then tossed in our stunningly sweet and spicy boom boom sauce. Seriously, we could probably mint this stuff and use it as a currency.

Big Whiskey's Boom Boom Shrimp Appetizer in Tulsa, Oklahoma

#2 Chicken Bacon Quesadilla

Chicken and bacon go together like Wayne and Garth. The Big Whiskey’s Chicken Bacon Quesadilla is crafted on a large flour tortilla, and stuffed with melty cheddar cheese, expertly seasoned grilled chicken, bacon and fresh pico de gallo. Schwing!

Big Whiskey's Chicken Bacon Quesadilla in Tulsa, Oklahoma

#3 Fried Pickles

Rumor has it America’s founding father George Washington was a huge fan of pickles, at one point collecting more than 476 varieties of cucumber for pickling. Hey if pickles are good enough for George, they’re good enough for us! Especially when they are tossed in BW’s signature seasoning and fried until the perfect shade of golden brown.

Big Whiskey's Fried Pickles Appetizer in Tulsa, Oklahoma

#4 Big Whiskey’s Nachos

Have you ever met anyone who didn’t like nachos? We honestly can’t think of a single person, but even if we did they’d change their minds after trying Big Whiskey’s Nachos. They’re are stacked in perfect formation with fresh tortilla chips piled high with melted cheddar cheese, refried beans, diced tomatoes and shredded lettuce, then topped with taco sauce, sour cream, jalapeños and your choice of chicken or beef.

Big Whiskey's Nachos Appetizer in Tulsa, Oklahoma

#5 Buffalo Chicken Wontons

Our chefs are geniuses, folks. Exhibit A: Buffalo Chicken Wontons. They’re the perfect combination of spicy and savory that you cannot find anywhere else. These crispy wontons are stuffed with pockets of Big Whiskey’s famous Buffalo Chicken Dip and finished with Gorgonzola cheese crumbles. Einstein-level stuff here.

Big Whiskey's Buffalo Chicken Wontons Appetizer in Tulsa, Oklahoma

#6 Beer Cheese Pretzels

Beer cheese is the nectar of the appetizer gods our soft, buttery pretzel sticks are the perfect flavor chariot to ascend into new heights of deliciousness.

Big Whiskey's Beer Cheese Pretzels Appetizer in Tulsa, Oklahoma

#7 Chicken Bacon Ranch Fries

Big Whiskey’s Chicken Bacon Ranch fries are a true utility player, they’re great as an appetizer, side dish, or entree! Our famous fries are seasoned with ranch and loaded with chopped grilled chicken, crispy bacon, melted mozzarella cheese. Topped with homemade ranch dressing.

Big Whiskey's Chicken Bacon Ranch Fries Appetizer in Tulsa, Oklahoma

#8 Buffalo Mac & Cheese Bites

They may not look like mac and cheese, but it’s the beauty on the inside that really counts. They’re crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside. Enjoy these Mac & Cheese fritters tossed in traditional Buffalo sauce and served piping hot with a side of homemade ranch dressing.

Big Whiskey's Buffalo Mac & Cheese Bites Appetizer in Tulsa, Oklahoma

#9 Cajun Green Beans

Eating your vegetables never felt so easy with our Cajun Green Beans. These crisp green beans are tossed in zesty Cajun seasoning, then fried golden brown, and served with Southwest ranch dressing.

Big Whiskey's Cajun Green Beans Appetizer in Tulsa, Oklahoma

#10 Triple Dip

Some of us aren’t great at making choices, and we understand the plight of indecision. Can’t decide? You don’t have to. Enjoy a sampling of our Buffalo Chicken Dip, White Queso Spinach Dip and homemade salsa, all served together with warm tortilla chips and celery.

Big Whiskey's Triple Dip Appetizer in Tulsa, Oklahoma