Big Whiskey's Loyalty FAQ

How do I earn points?

With Big Whiskey’s Legendary Loyalty, you earn points on every purchase you make! In our stores using our app to place an order or ordering at

How do I redeem rewards?

You’ll see rewards automatically banked into your account. No need to activate or retrieve your rewards. When you’re ready to use your reward, simply tell your server or hit “redeem reward” at checkout if ordering through the app or at

How do Big Whiskey’s loyalty points work?

Your loyalty points will automatically accrue with every purchase. Your points will be banked until you reach 300 points. Once you’ve earned 300 points, your point bank will start over at 0. You will receive a reward for reaching the 300 point threshold, but you’ll notice rewards automatically loaded onto your account when you hit 75 and 150 points, too!

What rewards does Big Whiskey’s offer?

For ease and maximum value to you, we’ve predetermined your rewards! Your Big Whiskey's Rewards get you $5 off at 75 points, a free appetizer at 150 points and a free entree* at 300 points. You'll also get a free appetizer after your first visit as a loyalty member, plus a free dessert for your birthday!

What can I do in the Big Whiskey’s App?

In our app you can:

  • Place an order for to-go, curbside pick up and delivery
  • Access your loyalty & rewards
  • Check in to your loyalty account in-store
  • Redeem rewards
  • View your exclusive orders and messages
  • Look up and reorder past orders

How does curbside ordering work?

Curbside orders are now easier than ever!

  1. Park in a designated curbside spot. Open your app and tap the “I’m here” button
  2. type in your spot number
  3. A curbside server will be out to you as quickly as possible!

How do I check in?

Earning loyalty points in-store is as seamless as it is when you place your order online.

  1. Open the Big Whiskey’s app
  2. Click the Loyalty & Rewards tab from the main menu
  3. Click “Check In” located in the bottom right corner of your screen.
  4. Show your server your code

What if I have more than one reward to use?

That’s great! We will happily apply as many rewards to your in-store or online purchase as you have available.

*Appetizer and entrée exclusions apply. Reward cannot be redeemed for NY strip, Ribeye, 10 oz. sirloin or Wings. Limited Time Offerings are excluded from redemption.

What if I have a problem with missing points?

No problem! If you dined with us and didn't get your loyalty points added, you can email us a photo of your itemized receipt and we'll get them added for you!

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