Community Referral Program

Excited fans at sports bar and grill Big Whiskey's celebrate a score on gameday.

Your referral can earn you $2,000! That's something worth celebrating.

We're seeking qualified managers - if that's you or someone you know you get PAID.


-If managerial candidate is hired, they must be employed with Big Whiskey's for no less than six months

-A 1099 must be completed by referrer upon manager's hiring

-The referrer will be responsible for paying taxes on the $2,000 referral reward

-YOU CAN REFER YOURSELF! If you're hired we will pay your $2,000 reward at 6 months of employment

Why Big Whiskey's?

Affordable, High Quality Insurance

We offer one of the most affordable and competitive insurance plans in our industry. For as little as $15 a week you can have your choice of the best doctors at Cox or Mercy. Big Whiskey's covers a large portion of your premiums and we have three great plans to choose from.

Retirement Plan with Company Match

Grow with us and plan for the future! Contribute what4ever amount you choose and BW will match 100% of your contribution up to 2% of your salary at the end of the year. With support of financial advisors, you can choose what plan is right for you.

Lucrative Bonus Structure

With a profit sharing bonus YOU profit when your store performs well. With plenty of support from our home office staff, profit goals are highly achievable. The total bonus pool for 2021 was over $175,000 for Big Whiskey's seven corporate stores.

Flexible Schedules

We provide the ability to work your ideal schedule. Flexibility for you and your family is very important and we work to make sure you have the schedule you need.

Paid Vacations

BW managers receive 10 paid vacation days each year. We encourage taking your days for some much needed R&R, take one full week to unwind and use the rest throughout the year.

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